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I know there is a story behind your dj name can you tell us how it came up? How did you start music?  Well the name Kill The Buzz was ...

I know there is a story behind your dj name can you tell us how it came up? How did you start music? 
Well the name Kill The Buzz was born because of my first release Party Hard on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. When I created the track in 2012 and after Hardwell played it in his set on Tomorrowland Belgium, a massive hype and buzz around that track was born. Eventually the hype became so big that it became the nr. 1 track in DMCworld’s night chart.

 That chart existed out of the most hyped club tracks from that week / period.

 Back then I put some music video’s online on youtube under my own name Adithya Nanuru and Adit Montina, which is a shorter version of my name plus one of my middle names.

 Since Adithya Nanuru and Adit Montina were to difficult or to confusing to use, in my opinion, I still had to find myself a nickname. Because the track was a Buzzing track and nobody knew who made it, my simple resolve was to “kill that buzz” by coming with the artist name Kill The Buzz.

 I got attracted by Dance Music because of the DVD of Tiesto in Concert. I watched that DVD over a zillion times and I told my best friend back then.. I wanna become like him one day. I totally forgot that I said that to him, but he recently told me that it’s funny to see that back then you were dreaming and bragging about it and now you’re living it.

 Playing the piano, recorder flute, trumpet, drums and guitars was something I learned during my childhood and during high school and junior high. I was that guy who went to music class after school and who started joining marching bands and school bands. As long as it had to do with music, I was fine with it.

I started playing the Piano and Recorder flute when I was about 7/8 years old. After high school I attended the conservatorium of music which I quit after 1 year. I noticed that I was more into creating music instead of learning techniques and playing from sheets.

 I was around 18 when I joined a band of one of my school mates. It was a cover band and we played a lot of music from all genres. Toto and Earth Wind and Fire were one of my favourite bands. Back then I had already met Hardwell and became close friends over the years. I was his tourbuddy and traveled with him every weekend for a period of 3 years. I was fascinated back then by his job, but wasn’t jealous nor was I really trying to become a DJ myself.

 We did spend a lot of time in his studio making music.

 After a while he convinced me of making music myself, so he gave me his software and samples and I started making music. My first 2 bootlegs ended up on the national radio. I started to realise that I had a talent for making music and started to exploit them more and more with the help of Hardwell.

 One of my first own productions was Party Hard and got signed to his label and that’s when it all started.

 How was the early stages of djing / your first gig/ music type u played and anything people will find interesting to know your fırst big gig?
 Haha, I can remember my first gig ever. Back in 2010 / 2011 I started making mixtapes on my computer. Live sets of 1 hour to listen to in the car with my favourite tracks. The mixes were shit to be honest. Most tracks were of Key didn’t match with other tracks, but I didn’t care at all. My friends and I were having fun. I can still remember sitting in the car and listening to the transitions from one track to another track and being so proud of it.

I started uploading mixes on Mixcloud and any other upload sites and even shared them on Facebook.

My friends and I always went to this bar called Millertime and especially when there was a party called Luxaflex. One of the owners and promoters Frank came up to me and said: “Hey I see you’re into making mixtapes and dance music, would you like to play one of my Luxaflex parties in the next couple of months”. Tho I was traveling with Hardwell a lot i’ve never ever pressed any buttons on a DJ Deck before, let alone play a track. My brother used to own a vinyl DJ set and used to be a good DJ in the city Rotterdam, but as a kid i’d never really learned to play with his set, so it was all brand new for me.

 Robbert Hardwell talked to me a lot about what he did during his set and told me about how the CDJ Players worked. But to be actually doing it myself, I couldn’t have dreamed about it.

 So of course I said: “Yeah sure why not”.

 I bought the best USB sticks that were out there back then and booked a DJ practise room at a Music Production school and went there with my cousin. I had to learn how to DJ in a proper way. A friend of ours had his own DJ set at home with a laptop and traktor, but I had to be sure that i’d learn to play without a laptop and especially be confident in how to use the CDJ and the DJM Mixer.

 So me and my cousin travels to a city north in Holland to practise for 1 or 2 hours and that week I played at Luxaflex.

 I was so nervous cause all of my friends and my former girlfriend were there to support me. It wasn’t my best show to be honest I made a couple of mistakes but we were having fun. I played a lot of hit records like “Pressure” from Alesso, Don’t You worry Child from Swedish House Mafia, Nicky Romero’s Toulouse.

 Frank was happy about it and they even booked me for another show. More bars in Breda started to book me cause I did it for a small fee or even for free. As long as I could play for an hour in a bar that’s all I cared about.

 Knowing that music was all i’ve been living for since I was a kid, I went to a club called Brooklyn Breda where I used to go out a lot with my friends, and asked them if I could become a DJ at that club. They gave me a try-out night and that’s when I became a resident at Brooklyn. It was all about tech house and techno music. No Bigroom / EDM sound. The average age at that club was 27 so at that time people were more into good house music. Tracks as Ricky L - Born Again and Franky Rizardo’s Flight were the club bangers and I had to play sets from at least 4/6 hours a night.

 It started as a restaurant and turned into a club and cocktail bar as the night went on.

 Every night was different, different crowd and they didn’t wanna hear the same music as they heard the day before. So you really had to learn to read the crowd. They didn’t have the expensive CDJ’s where u could put music on a USB but you had to burn MP3’s on a CD-Disc. So every week I was collecting tech house music, which I still play on gigs like Ibiza or clubs where they’re not into Big Room / EDM Music. And every beginning of the weekend I spent hours burning them from my hard drive onto a CD, labeling the CD, make sure there was a printed tracklist on it and order them by “Genre’s” into my CD map which had over 100 cd’s to choose from. So you had to turn over every page in that map to find the right CD if you wanted to mix in a new track. And sometimes when you couldn’t find the right track you had to keep on searching on every CD and still keep in mind that the track you were playing only lasted for max 5 minutes.

 So it was quiet the job but so much fun and I learned a lot as my time as a resident DJ for that club.

 At the end of 2013 I spoke to Robbert Hardwell about music, he knew I was eager about moving forward with my career. He said I should wait and do nothing yet, cause he was working on something for me.

 His bookings agency Anna Agency sent me an invite to have a conversation about maybe joining them. Dannic was becoming a main act by himself and his role as support act for Hardwell and the I Am Hardwell world tour was open for replacement. Robbert Hardwell wanted me to become his replacement. Of course I was super excited and especially to be part of a already great and still growing bookings agency. They had big names like Nicky Romero, Chocolate Puma, DJ Jean, Hardwell, Dannic & Dyro and I would be more than happy to see my name in that list.

 I went to Manchester to see the I Am Hardwell show from behind the scene. Since I was going to replace Dannic, I had to see what he does and how his show goes down before Hardwell goes on stage.

 It was really cool to see Dannic play and see how he was warming up the crowd with his DJ skills and music.

 I couldn’t believe it that about 2 year ago I was still struggling making music, spending all my time in the studio instead of with friends, playing at local bars and now at the end of 2013 i’m watching Dannic’s support act show at the I Am Hardwell show and all because i’m about to do what he’s doing right now.

 I did two small shows at Cinema Pathe in my hometown Breda and Eindhoven as a favour and because of premier of Hardwell’s first documentary.

 And in May 2014 I did my first I Am Hardwell show at Sportpaleis Antwerp and the day after in Turkey.

 During that week I had prepared a set, made new mashups & edits for my first big show. I was so nervous.. Robbert and I I started a conversation by email about the music that I was going to play. Since it was my first time he wanted to check what kind off music I had in mind and to see if it would fit. My first big show.. I couldn’t believe it was already happening. I invited my best friends to come and see that show and even the parents of girlfriend at that time and her were there to support me.

 I was so nervous that I couldn’t even speak during the last 30 minutes before I had to on stage. It’s so weird to be dreaming about going onto a big stage and then when you finally make it, you’re heart beat races and excitement turns to fear.. What if I screw up? What if they don’t like my music?

 I knew I could DJ or else no one would’ve even considered me for taking over Dannic’s role as support act. But the comments online when they announced me instead of Dannic weren’t all that friendly. Most of them were expecting Dannic and didn’t even know who Kill The Buzz was. It was difficult for me to read the comments, cause some of them weren’t amused about me being the support act instead of Dannic.

 Those comments were stuck in the back of my mind. So I went to the stage early. I sat there 20 minutes before I even had to go on stage. I couldn’t breathe properly and I felt sick that it made me want to throw up. But I knew, this is my chance to show them what I got and to show that i’m as good as Dannic is.

 I knew that there were fans of me as well and that they liked my music as well. Why else would Party Hard or Bouncing Betty be selling that good for a new artist. I could hear them scream and chant.. there must’ve been 10 thousand people out there.

 The stage manager plugged in my music he asked me if I was could to go. My mind kept on saying you can do this, but my other half wanted to make this moment go away. But there’s no turning back. 10 thousand people there are waiting for the show and they came with a reason. If they didn’t want to see me play then they wouldn’t have come.

 I can remember standing up, hitting the play button, and looking up to the crowd and people were screaming. Goosebumps all over my body, never had this feeling of sensation before. I didn’t have an intro back then. The track just started to play.. It was Follow The Sound of Roul & Doors and as soon as the track started to build and the drop came.. I felt that excitement to jump. I jumped and the whole crowd started jumping as well. I clapt my hands and the whole crowd started clapping their hands.

 A show that i’ll never forget, my first show of many to come. Every bit of insecurity and being nervous just drained away as soon as I hit that play button. 2 Hours flew by and I was sad and happy when it stopped. Sad because I would’ve wanted to play more and happy about the fact that the show my first show was a success.

 After I was done I went backstage and couldn’t stop smiling I could see all the happy faces of everybody there, Robbert his parents and my girlfriend back then. I went out to go looking for my sister and my friends. My sister was so proud of me and even people in the crowd started recognize me. I was taking pictures with my first fans and even my sister started laughing cause she couldn’t imagine here little brother doing what I was doing right now. Let alone people taking pictures with me. When I finally got to my friends I could see how proud they were on the look of their faces. One of them even cried a little bit, because he was so proud and happy to see me in front of such a big crowd and to see me getting them jumping and dancing.

 Even my girlfriends father was that proud of me that he started treating me like a real son, haha! It’s been 2 years already but I still remember it as if it was yesterday. The next day we flew out to Istanbul, Turkey to do the I am hardwell Show. Same feeling that day and again a hell of a party!

 I do respect people who produce music as it contains emotions which then reflect to people who listens and can change the moods.. Whoever does that successfully usually gets top places on charts. So i wanna know what do you feel about making music. What do like most to share it with people? 
Making music and sharing it with people is something unique. I’ve always dreamed about making my own music. Even back when I was playing in a cover banned as keyboard player, I wanted to write and play songs we created ourself. Unfortunately not everyone in that band shared my idea and in the end it was better for us to go our separate ways.

 It’s true that music comes forth out of our own emotions. As a musician and producer I walk around and a melody or chord progression comes up in my mind frequently. I used to walk to my part time job and while I was walking from the train station to the store I would come up with multiple melody lines and tunes which I would record on my voice memo.

 Nowadays I play a lot of chord progression. Most of them are really touchy and sentimental. You wanna catch the emotional attention of your fans and even new fans. You wanna give them that same feeling as I did when I played it the first time on a piano.

 That can either be happiness, joy or sadness, but it can also be excitement when it comes to a banger club track. It really depends on my mood.

 And that’s the thing what makes it special. Everybody shares the same feelings, not always at the same time but we do share those feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, excitement etc. And how much fun is making music, when you can create something from your mind and share it with so many people who feel the same when they listen to your track.

 I think there’s no better way of expressing and sharing than sharing it through art in any form, music, paintings, poetry and even dancing.

 I have heard you are a good fifa player. Do you play it when your on tours? How many djs u beat?
Haha, FIFA is my guilty pleasure and anyone who wants to challenge me send me a direct message on Instagram or add me on your playstation network account via KillthebuzzNL, haha.

 But yeah I’m pretty good at it. I’ve only last from 1 DJ so far and he’s a hardstyle dj, who I played against during an EA sports vs Xbox One Experience event for the release of FIFA 17. But other then that I’ve beaten all of them. Joey Dale, Thomas Newson, Ravitez, Bouganvilla.

 I don’t play a lot of FIFA when i’m on tour, but during the Revealed Recordings bustour I brought my Playstation with me so that during the drive from one place to another we could play any game we wanted and of course Fifa was included. Even the tourmanager who came in for the Canada part got beaten after bragging about how good he was.

 But to be honest, it’s just a game for fun, i’m too excited about music for a computer game to take over although I used to play a lot of online clan wars with Unreal Tournament as a kid and now occasionally play Call of Duty or Fifa when I have some time off.

Music Director: Munevver Oshan
Photography: Burcin Aybars

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