Friday With Bianca

Bianca photographed by Marcel Boer for Rebel & Co. Magazine September 2016

Bianca photographed by Marcel Boer for Rebel & Co. Magazine September 2016

Marcel Boer, an analog photographer from Cologne, Germany. For this story, he used a Nikon F3 and Mamiya RZ67 Pro II.

Bianca, where I will find you on a Friday night at 9 p.m.?
 I love good food so I like to go to my favourite restaurant with friends, eat and have some drinks. But most likely, you’ll find me on the couch with my boyfriend ,a nice movie and a huge cup of Ben and Jerry’s in my hand.

What you will be drinking? 
White wine. No matter if restaurant, bar or couch.

Three words that describes you? 
Open-minded, honest, inspiring.

What is the best first date idea? 
Going to a restaurant or somewhere that you are able to talk to each other. I think it’s the best way to get to know somebody and see if he has the same humor, which is a very important thing for me.

What is the worst first date idea? 
Cinema! But a friend of mine told me about someone who had a first date in a sauna. I am not sure if that’s a good idea or not :)

What is the cutest thing on the planet earth? 
My little 5 months old nephew and godchild is definitely the cutest thing in the whole wide world.

Best gift that you ever received? 
I am not very materialistic so I actually can’t even say what the best gift was. I rather remember small, unexpected gifts or kind gestures. For example, when somebody cooks for me or just brings a bottle of wine or flowers.

What was the first thing that you thought about when you wake up this morning? 
I had an appointment with my trainer at the gym this morning before work, so probably it was just a regretting “fuck!”

What is the coolest thing about being a model? 
Meeting a lot of very cool and interesting people. Also, I have many different and really nice photos.

What are you most excited about in your life right now? 
That I am able to travel and see a lot of beautiful places all around the world and to share these special moments I experience with the people I love.

Photography: Marcel Boer (smilefootage) - Website - Instagram
Model: Bianca - Instagram
Location: Cologne, Germany

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