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And Exclusive Interview With the Greek Artist

And Exclusive Interview With the Greek Artist

Eugenia, Could you tell me a little about yourself? How did you get to where you are today?
I started as a computer programmer, but then my health became so bad, that I couldn't work anymore. When I found what was wrong and fixed it, then art flourished in my life.

How do you begin, What is your process?
I find a base image that I like, and then I simply build on top of it. I just try a lot of different things until I find something I like.

Why sarcasm?
Because I dislike the state of affairs on planet Earth, so the best way for me to react about it is to become sarcastic. I can't change anything about how this world works, but surely I can comment about it.

What real life situation have inspired you?
I don't think I feel inspired by real life. I'm not a big proponent of physical life, I feel like I live more in my head than out of it. But I'm a visual person, and a filmmaker at heart (not an illustrator). So I'd say that I had more inspiration by Star Trek: The Next Generation than things in real life.

As an artist, how do you get through the tough days? The days lacking motivation and inspiration. What reinspires you?
I just wait it out. Right now, I haven't made a new collage for months. I'm too demotivated to do new art. Especially static art. My love for filmmaking never died though. This has happened once or twice before in my collage career, and I simply had to wait it out for 2 months or so. This time, it's taking much longer though. I'm itching to get behind a camera instead.

Could you tell me about your best day?
I guess that would be the day I met my husband for the first time. We couldn't get our hands off each other. It went fast!

What advice would you give your younger self if you could?
Oh, that's an easy one: "stop eating grains, sugar, and industrial vegetable oils". That would save me 10 years of extreme physical pain, and it would probably make me a mother (while it's too late now).

In this lifetime, my health is my main goal. Art is something I do on the side, something that actually arose after my health was restored. It's a consequence for me, not the end-all.

Closing thoughts you'd like to our readers know...
Watch "The Matrix" and "eXistenZ". Then put 1+1 together.

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