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I am really curious about how your career has started?  Music was my passion even in early stages of my childhood. When I was ...

I am really curious about how your career has started?
 Music was my passion even in early stages of my childhood. When I was a young kid, I always wanted to play keyboards, flutes and other instruments. My elder brothers been effective on my music career too, because they used to listen house music cassettes. So when they go to work I was listening their music all the time. After a while I bought a computer and equipment for myself.

 How old were you when you realize it is time to do something?
I was 16-17. Before that, I was just playing around. I knew music was my passion from my heart but, I haven’t done anything seriously before that age.

 Did you take any lessons?
 No, nothing . I have learned it by myself. I don’t know it might helped me more to learn it that way because I think it is better to learn everything on your own with putting feelings to your work.

When did you actually start performing?
 I was 17. I have released my first record which was techno:) After that I released couple more tracks. I guess it was 2005-2006, when I started to play at small clubs around the city where I live. My first big gig was in 2008 in AMSTERDAM. In 2009, I have released TIMEWAVEZERO which got supported by names like ARMÄ°N van BUUREN, Tiesto and so on. After this, things started to get change.

What has show no change from first day up until now? 
My feelings for music I guess. Sometimes it is really hard to remember how I came this far, because everything I have done; I just did it with passion. I followed where my heart took me. When it comes to career, I need to think everything professionally, but its the passion that always kept me focused on creating good things.

What was your dream when you wanted to start? Okay you love music,you got great passion but where you wanted to see yourself when you first started?
I had a dream of playing at main stage in big festivals but I was really happy just to make music. I was working at construction for myself but still my biggest dream was to make music everyday and earn my life from something I really enjoy. Actually just making music everyday was my biggest dream and I always remind that to myself. This was the main one when I started , but after you achieve one you have a new dream of playing in TOMORROWLAND, after you achieve Tomorrowland you will have another one. Dream world has no end. But I think the most important one was the first one. I just love music.

How can you describe the feeling of playing music to a big crowds?
It is really hard to describe actually...

 A bit :)) It is just mixed up, excitement, fear, but it is just feels so good. You just get contacted with thousands of people you feel as one. I can say it is magical.

 Whats the best side of being a dj?
I am travelling a lot, seeing beautiful places and meeting with lovely people. Almost everything actually...

 Yes almost. I don't like long flights and we do not get much time to sleep. I just sleep on plane, car, stage, everywhere. If I am lucky, I get about 4-5 hours of sleep a day.

Your collaboration with DIMITRI VEGAS AND LIKE MIKE got huge success for both you and them. What is the secret behind it?
I think it is because the combination of more than one thing. Timing, effort, our energy, their success. They were on rise on their career, at the same time I released 4-5 new tracks, one of them was with NERVO (revolution) and this track made us to meet at peak. It was just crazy so as I said it is combination of everything.

I have realized that most DJs like to wear black shirt when they perform. You were also wearing black at show so whats the reason?
I am trying to wear different colors but usually dark ones. Couple of years ago everybody just started to wear black, then it became a DJ thing. Actually if you look at most show based stars black is the most common color. I guess it looks good so that's the main reason.

So lastly, what would you like to tell to your followers?
I just wanna say a big thank you to all music lovers. Keep watching my socials and I hope I meet with you in any event or festival.

Music Director: Munevver Oshan
Photography: Burcin Aybars

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