Tulips Series

How did Jason Bassett create Tulips Series?

How did Jason Bassett create Tulips Series?

Who is Jason Bassett?
I am a lover of fresh air and a wielder of a bad-ass mirrorless camera at the moment. I am a husband of a nature photographer, but I like my subjects to be nude, representing a fairytale, or to be close up macro-esque frames. I let music drive my creative moods and I’m often up late thinking about how to impress myself for once.

How would you describe your style?
It’s a chaotic blend of sensual imagery that is colorful in feeling but clear in its approach. I love my style to be messy yet refined in detail, storytelling, charming, and it needs to make you experience something in a new way.

How did you create ‘’TULIPS SERIES’’?
Seeing many amazing lip shots, some which resemble indie film vibes but mostly cosmetic driven, I knew I wanted to make mine more like visiting a destination or a gate to one. A lot of my favorite things involve the human mouth, so that was going...

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