Get To Know Francesco Vullo

Let's ask couple questions to Francesco to get to know him better

Let's ask couple questions to Francesco to get to know him better

Can you tell us where your interest in art first began? 
My interest for art begins long time ago, when i was still a child. I’ve always loved going to exhibition and i’ve always been fascinated by the works of the artists. After my classic studies i graduated in illustration and animation from a design university in Milan, Now i make art and people love it.

What were your creative influences growing up?
My creative influences are several and different, I love classics such as Magritte, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Contemporary illustrators like Olim- pia Zagnoli ( that was my teacher) John Holcroft And different contemporary artists co- ming from disparate backgrounds like Cleon Peterson, Banksy, Ai Weiwei and many others.

Can you describe a bit of your creative process?
Regarding my creative process, I’m strongly influenced by actuality and pop culture. We are living in the 2.0 and social era that means that I’m constantly affected by images, news and different kinds of stimulations. When I choose a topic, i try to communicate it reinterpreting it according to my personal vision, and my means of expressions.

 What do you like to do, when you are not making art? 
When I do not work on my personal projects, I enjoy everything that's outside my studio. Spending time with my family , hanging out with friends, traveling, playing the guitar I also like partying and do late at night.  In my humble opinion little things are the most important.

 The hardest part of being artist?
The hardest part of being an artist is being an artist :)

 Who are your favourite electronic music artists or groups? 
I really like this kind of music, I use to listen to several different groups , but my favourites are The Chemical Brothers , Daft Punk , C2C, Zhu, Snakehips, Gramatik.

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